Bondholders representative

The main function of the BR is to control that the issuer fulfills their bond obligation and take measures aimed at protecting rights and legal interests of bondholders. The BR helps to reveal circumstances which may lead to infringement of bondholder's rights. The possible scope of BR's authority is wide. The BR is a new notion for Russian transactions; it was introduced by the law only in 2015.

Atmosphere has long experience in exercising authority similar to the BR as a part of a long-term work on the mortgage and financial market as a partner of the Federal Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, providing services related to mortgage assets services, assets collection and management, including securitization transactions. Atmosphere has vast operational capabilities and service quality duly appreciated by the leading state operator in the Russian financial market. Atmosphere has won tenders as a service agent for mortgage securitization due to its highest rating.

Using all its experience, Atmosphere is ready to provide high quality services with proven business processes. 

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