Legal Support


Atmosphere is an expert in the area of pledges.We provide consulting for using pledge to support obligations within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We will settle any issues at any stage if they are related to pledges, for both out-of-court settlement and legal proceedings.

Property Transactions

We provide legal support for any property transactions: purchase and sale, pledges, lease, lease with an option to buy, rent, participation interest in construction, purchase of future things, using property as registered capital, lending for purchase and with pledged property.


Atmosphere provides services to both financial organizations and private customers. For financial organizations Atmosphere studies risks in terms of credit products, standards for support and collection, and provides a report with detailed recommendations. The Company participated in implementing the changes. For private customers Atmosphere performs a complex analysis of the loan raising plan, identifies risks, analyzes credit documents, and provides a report with detailed recommendations.
A collecting probability report?

Collecting Troubled and Past-Due Debts

Atmosphere has developed and implemented standards for collecting debts: out-of-court settlement, action proceedings, enforcement proceedings, and disposal and management of property.

Atmosphere works solely within the legal framework, establishing a balance of interests of the lender and debtor. Collection is carried out from the united center throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. All business processes are optimized and automated.

We can work with a very large number of cases, our scope of collection reached 700 simultaneous cases for the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

Intellectual Property

The task is to implement all legal novelties to protect intellectual property, distribution of intellectual property products, protecting investments into intellectual property and innovative start-up companies. Atmosphere has developed standards for attracting investments to finance intellectual property protecting the interests of the author and the investor. Atmosphere solves different issues, including preparation, protection, registration of rights, options, supporting agreements on alienation of exclusive rights, license/sublicense agreements and other agreements covering full or partial transfer of rights.